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Meaning in the mundane

Life before Death; Strength before Weakness; Journey before Destination. These words form the first Ideal of the Knights Radiant, from The Stormlight Archives, by Brandon Sanderson. Find out more on the READING page

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Momentum is a real thing

I've found that having something in place helps immensely when building momentum. Rather than pushing myself to create the perfect thing before releasing it, this mock-up helps me start revising my goals for my eventual site.

My goal is to actually create this site from the code up, using Visual Studio. I want to illustrate both the web-app skills I'm building, and also gain some practical experience taking a project from concept to completion

Turns out it's surprisingly expensive to purchase But in hindsight (vote Hindsight 2020), while this site is about me, it's for you too. I want to build my skill, yes. But I also want to share the things that are currently important to me. I hope they can be a blessing for you. JoelJackson . us

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